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A Powerful Data Collection Solution for Digital Government

Simplify government document management, eliminate paperwork, and easily
collect the information you need to better serve your community.

Ohio Department of Transportation
Washington State Department of Corrections
Indiana Office of Technology
Federal Aviation Administration
Tennessee State Government
South Carolina Department of Education

Transform your government workflows.

Exceed compliance standards

Streamline your data capture.

Collect the information you need to process applications, permits, claims, and more without the need for paper. With Formstack's drag-and-drop builder, you can create custom forms in minutes and embed them anywhere. Your citizens will love the convenience of being able to complete processes online.

Improve patient experiences

Generate custom documents.

Use your data to automatically generate city and state permits, custom proposal requests, interdepartmental files, grant applications, and other documents. With Formstack Documents, you can dynamically create different versions of a document depending on the data you collect and deliver them anywhere.

Quickly produce documentation

Collect electronic signatures.

Don't let the wait for a signature hold up your office. Formstack Sign lets you collect eSignatures from citizens no matter where they're located. No mailing, scanning, or faxing needed. Citizens simply need to open an email or text from you, insert their signature, and hit submit. The process only takes minutes.

Boost efficiency with workflows

Safeguard sensitive data.

Collaborate on data without worrying about threats to your account. Set user permissions to control who views what, easily export information to share with your staff, and keep track of signatures with audit trails. No matter what you do with it, the data you collect is protected through advanced encryption and SSL.

Intuitive tools for digital government

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Terese and her department were struggling to keep up with paper forms. Hear how Formstack helped Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation eliminate tedious processes.

Create paperless government processes.

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Simplify your government data collection.

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